Monday, March 7

Caruso Roller Set

I used my Caruso Rollers the other night for the first time and I think I fell in love.
I couldn't get good pictures, but I will take some next time I use it (and when I finally get a new camera).

So, Saturday was wash day, I am 6 weeks post relaxer:
I pre-pood/did a Henna Treatment
Co-washed it out
ACV Rinse to clarify my scalp and hair
Then did a Moisturizing Deep Conditioning Treatment
Then Detangled and Airdried
My hair felt soo soft!!

For the roller-set:
I waited until my hair was basically 100% Airdried
Added a little moisturizer to each section before rolling
Used the Jumbo Rollers
And Rolled Upwards 
Kept the rollers on for about 30 minutes

For the Caruso Set:

I filled the reservoir with Distilled Water
Plugged it in
Took about 10 minutes for it to heat/steam up
Then when I was ready to put the rollers in my hair:
I took the clip off
then put the roller on the reservoir for about 10 seconds
then went about rolling my hair

More About the Caruso Rollers:
  • Patented roller design allows for breathing space between the foam and the shield so steam evaporates faster and curls set tighter
  • Unique shield lock holds rollers tightly and end caps have slots to hold clips when needed
  • The Molecular roller foam (also called sponge curlers) holds steam to give you the most curling power
  • 1 year limited warranty
  • Three sizes:
  • Medium (1"): For medium curls, medium to short hair, or medium to fine hair
  • Large (1-1/4"): For looser curl, volume and body (may be referred to as "Jumbo Large" in packaging
  • Jumbo (1-1/2"): For largest curls and waves, long or thick hair

How I feel about them:
I LOOOOVVEEE the Caruso Roller Set. It's very easy to, you don't even need to know how to roller set easy. It really only takes 5-10 minutes after applying the rollers for your hair to curl. I know because I took one roller out just to see how it would look.
My hair felt sooooo soft and conditioned after taking out the rollers and I think it's because of the steam.
My curls lasted all night and mind you, I dance my butt off.
I also like the fact that it comes with different roller sizes so you can achieve your desired look.
I give these an A+

Cost: $35.90 from Amazon


  1. I've had a Caruso Steamer for a while now and I do love the curls it creates, and they last for days. But I find my ends can dry out really badly the day or so after I use it, you'll have to tell me if you have that problem too, or if its just me. Great post!

  2. wow cute...I flat ironed for length check this weekend after 3 months of stretching braidouts and happy with the length but sad because my hair seems thinner...I'm hoping its because I just relaxed and not due to my STRETCH NIGHTMARE...LOL

    I did notice that my hair had no ummphhh usually after my flat iron I bump the ends and wrap it and it lasts all week...wrapping nightly

    I.HAD.NOTHING. when I unwrapped it saturday morning....Sunday I had to bump it for church and I was mortified because I NEVER USE HEAT TWICE IN ON WEEK......

    I also have noticed my ends seem tangled when I wrap with my new length...this has never happened...I have never let my hair grow past shoulder an adult....


    dee in san diego

  3. @ MrsT- I read about some who had that issue, which can be "solved" by using end/roller papers when roller setting. I have not experienced dry ends, but then again, this was my first time using these rollers. I also added extra moisturizer to my ends prior to roller setting, just in case.
    Thank you :-)

    @ Dee- thanks :-)

    Hair typically looks thinner after a relaxer touch-up.
    One way to eliminate that is to do a mid-step protein treatment during your relaxer process with a mild reconstructer. For example Aphogee 2 minute.
    For future reference, you would
    Relax..rinse out..put in the 2 minute reconstructer for about 5 minutes, rinse, neutralize then continue with your normal process.

    I'm pretty sure your hair will regain it's thickness and umphh after your first wash though, so don't be discouraged. I would highly recommend doing a mild protein treatment during your next wash to strengthen your hair back up(especially because you used heat twice and had a touch-up.

    hmmm about your ends could be just that your hair is longer and you may need to modify your wrapping technique. Maybe try crosswrapping or pin curls instead?
    I would have to look into this. I don't wear my hair straight/down much, so I haven't experienced that before. But I will look into it for you.

  4. What a coincidence! I just did a video on a Caruso roller set. I love them just as much as you do, so easy!!

  5. You did!! Looking forward to seeing your video! :-D

  6. thanks so much for the info....I have heard about the aphogee 2 min. I will try this....

    dee in san diego


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