Thursday, May 19

Teyana Taylor

Would you do this to your hair?

I think it suits her well! She's young, she can get away with this.

Actress/Singer Teyana Taylor debuted a new hair color on Twitter today with the following tweet:

Well-behaved b!tches seldom make history.

Source: twitter


  1. Hmmm, I don't think I'm brave enough to rock such bright colors and wouldn't be appropriate at the office or school. I agree, it works for her!

  2. i will do it to my weave (= definitely not my natural hair .

  3. @ Jeni- I feel the same way. I remember when I was in highschool (the Lil' Mo days" girls were wearing blue hair. I was never brave enough to do that.

    @ Tamara Tashna Downes- LOL..That's the beauty of weaves!

  4. I love her! She is so fly!


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