Thursday, June 30

Progress Pics

So my sister is on a hair journey, just like me. No goal for now, just healthy hair! See, she used to have long hair but because of a hair dye experience and several moves from one region to another, her hair took a turn for the worse. It's hard finding a good stylist and she typically goes to the salon for all services.
She went from about APL
to Shoulder Length
then Shoulder Length to Neck Length
Then to a little above Neck Length.

Her healthy hair journey began on August 2010 with a fresh cut.

This is her hair now June 2011

She feels like she isn't making much progress because her hair is not where it used to be...but I see progress especially with trimming each touch-up.  

Routine is as follows:

Wash, DC & Roller Set at Salon weekly or Biweekly
Relax Every 8 weeks
Trim each relaxer- She loves blunt ends
Moisturize and Seal nightly


  1. LOL if we can get her to stop trimming she'll be wl in no time!

    How much are you trimming off every 8 weeks?

  2. Lol..I know, right!

    From what I've seen, they trim about a half inch every 8 weeks. Just asked her and she confirmed that.

  3. I'm with you to ladies. Her hair looks really healthy in both pics.


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