Tuesday, June 14

I Used To....

Hate My Height- But now I embrace it,  walk with my head high every day, and can't wait to wear a dress to show off the long legs God Blessed me with.

Hate the Size of My Nose- But now I love it. It's not who I am, but it is a part of me that I will never change. It's how you know my brother is my brother and my sister is my sister. It runs in the (immediate) family and I wouldn't trade it in for any other shape or size nose!

Hate Being Skinny- But now I love the fact that I can eat anything I want and not gain much weight...and if I do and don't like it...I can lose it in a matter of days/weeks.

Hate that People Said I sounded like a "white girl"- Now I realize that those same people who said that were just IGNORANT and I could care less about their opinions. To this day I still cant figure out what a "white girl" sounds like

Hate my real hair- But now I love it. I prefer to wear my hair out more then to conceal it in braids in weave, now that I have the proper knowledge to get it to wear I want it to be..I love it more now then I ever did. (whether I'm relaxed or natural).

Loving yourself doesn't mean you are conceited or self-centered...it just means that YOU LOVE YOURSELF! I love everything about myself and I am grateful to have the confidence that I have today. There is still room for improvements which I strive to make everyday...but what some would call "flaws" are what I call my "gifts".

This post isn't to boast about myself, but to show that anyone can overcome their insecurities.


  1. How tall are you? I used to hate my height too. And when I was younger I was skinny and I hated that. Then I gained a lot of weight from all that late-night snacking in college and now I'm fighting to be back where I was lol.

  2. I'm 6ft tall. How tall are you?
    lol..I know exactly how that was in college..the freshman 15 turned just kept accumulating. I'm sure you will lose the weight in no time!


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