Friday, June 17

Still Going Strong

Usually around this time while in cornrows, I am itching to take them out. This time around, it's the complete opposite. I re-did the front yesterday, so they can last another week. Surprisingly, I received so many compliments on them.
I was being I just un-braided each cornrow, moisturized my hair then rebraided with the same hair.
When I took the cornrows out, I had such a nice curl.(will add a pic from my digital camera later) I'm taking these all out next Friday or Saturday..will rock a braid-out then wash Sunday night.

I did notice my hair wasn't that moisturized when re-doing the braids. So, I will now spray braids with Rosewater/Distilled Water..THEN spray with the Braid-Spray.


  1. Your hair looks nice and thick, very beautiful! Really glad I stumbled accross youe blog. I'm enjoying it thus far!


  2. Thanks!
    and thanks for stopping by,
    Off to check out your blog :-)


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