Monday, July 18

Braids Regimen

I like to document my regimen each time I have braids, so if my hair feels any differently when removing them, I know why.

So far I had these braids in for 2 weeks. The front is getting a little messy so I will re-do that this weekend. I am also 10 weeks post relaxer.

Every Morning I:
Spray my scalp with my Aloe Vera Mix
Spray the length of my braid with African Pride Braid Spray
Spray the length of my braids with Hot Six Oil (I found one that is sprayable.. if that's even a word)
Slick down edges with Eco Styler Gel

Every Night I:
spray the length of my hair with African Pride Braid Spray
Put the braids in 2 big cornrows
Then Wrap my hair like the below or do the baggy method

I was originally going to wash my hair every 2 weeks, but wasn't able to do so this past weekend, so I will wash my hair this weekend. Honestly, my scalp & hair really is not that bad which I believe is due to the Aloe Vera Mix(Aloe Vera Juice &Gel mixed with Castor Oil, Eucalyptus Oil and Peppermint Oil) I use. But I will be able to see the true state of my hair and scalp once I re-do the front.

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