Friday, July 29

Growing Your Edges Back

Photo taken in April- My edges are lighter due to Henna treatments

Do you have thin edges?
Are they a problem area of yours?
Then keep on reading.

There are many causes of "thin edge syndrome", so in order to grow them back, you have to identify the culprate, change your hair care practices then work on repairing 

  • Too tight ponytails
  • Too tight Braids
  • Excessive brushing (more so with a hard bristle brush) and combing
  • Improper removal of glue in weaves (use plently of oil and DO not comb the glue out, gently take out with fingers)
  • Traction from Bonnets (flip the bonnet inside out so the elastic isn't rubbing on your hair line)
  • Traction from Half Wigs, Lacefronts etc (give your self breaks from them once in a while)

How to Grow Your Edges Back
  • If any of the above causes ring a bell to you, then you just need to do the opposite(if that makes sense).
  • Keep that area moisturized at all times
  • Make sure if you relax, you relax that area last
  • Apply an oil (most love Castor Oil because it's said to thicken the hair up) mixed with a few drops of an  essential oil (rosemary, eucalyptus, peppermint) to that area at least 3 times a week
  • You can also try ORS Fertilizing Temple Balm (it worked great for me after I accidently pulled one of my braids out-ouch!)
  • Very gently massage that area after applying an oil for at least 5 minutes
  • If the problem persists and it seems like NO hair is growing back, see a Doctor. It could something more serious such as Alopecia, extreme stress or your vitamin levels could be low.

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