Sunday, July 24

Sally's Haul and More

I originally went to Sally's to pick up the ORS Lye Normal Relaxer because I saw it was on sale when I purchased my braid spray a few weeks back. I didn't purchase it then because the Sally's I went to wasn't as good as the one near my I waited a while and as I suspected got some more good deals at the Sally's I typically visit.  :-D

ORS Lye Relaxer- Normal- $5.29 (Used this last time I relaxed and it's a new staple)

ORS Replenishing Conditioner Pack- $1.19
 (I originally purchased the bottle in May, but when doing my May purchases post..I realized they charged me $6 or $7 more then they were supposed to, so I returned it. I meant to buy the bottle at normal cost, but forgot to..and now with braids..don't really need it. I do need this for when I relax though, so I picked up the packet.)

Roux Fermodyl (233) Leave- In treatment for Double Processed Hair-$1.50 *typically $6 +
(I used this in the past and my hair loved it. The back of the package says:
  • Treats color treated hair that is bleached, permed or relaxed
  • Penetrates the Cortex to help improve and repair damaged surface areas of the hair
  • helps re-hydrate porous, moisture depleted hair
  • Improves porosity and elasticity
  • seals the cuticle to help reduce breakage and intensify shine
I just read the ingredients and it has sodium lauryl sulfate in it and other ingredients I am currently researching. I know I used it in the past and liked it, but for some reason I'm now hesitant. Thank goodness it only cost $1.50.

Salon Care Slotted (Perm) Rods- Pack of 12- $.40
 ( Not sure how I will use this, but it may be on the ends braid-outs...I basically got it because it was 40 cents..LOL)

Out of Africa Organic Shea Butter Soap(Lavender)-  $2.69
( May use this to wash my face at night, I liked the ingredients )
Ingredients: Organic shea butter, palm kernel oil, olive oil, lavender essential oil, purified water(not sure if it's bad that there is water in this because all other ingredients are oils..but I'll still try it out)

Total Spent: $11.83

I picked up the below at a Dollar Store near my parents house.

Hot Six Oil(8 Fl. Oz)- $5.00 ( I liked a few of the oils listed in the ingredients such as, Sweet Almond Oil, Wheat Germ Oil, Castor Oil and it has Vitamin A and D in it. Not to mention, I love the fact that you can just spray it on! It also smells great!)

ORS Creamy Aloe Shampoo- $2.00 ( This is the neutralizing shampoo I will use for my relaxer. I didn't buy full bottles because I already have 2 different neutralizing shampoos and relax so in-frequently. I do want to use the whole ORS line during my next relaxer)

Total Spent: $7.00

As said before, I purchased braid spray earlier in the Month, which cost $2.80, so I spent a total of about $20.00 on hair products (not including the face soap)
Not too Shabby. I should be good until September..I have everything I need at this moment


  1. Nice haul! I like the description of the Roux product but I'm with you about ingredients. Its made me pass on many a product but if it does what it says then its worth it!

  2. Thanks :)
    I agree with you...being on this hair journey makes me so paranoid sometimes..haha


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