Tuesday, August 2

I Need a Relaxer, My Hair is Shedding?

What is Shed Hair?
Shed hair is hair that has reached the end of its growing cycle and naturally falls from the scalp along with its tiny, white "root or bulb" attached. 

I never understood what people meant by, "I can tell I need a relaxer because my hair is shedding more".
How does not putting a chemical on your hair and sometimes scalp make you shed more?

My theory is this:
  • Their hair is  breaking from the line of demarcation. They see long strands of hair and assume that it could be shed hair
  • They are experiencing Seasonal Shedding- There is a time of the year where people shed more then normal
  • Their shed hair is not falling out like normal because it is getting stuck in their curly new-growth so when combing, more hair comes out
  • In some cases they could have an allergic reaction to a new product they tried..which resulted in hair loss (which could sometimes look like shed hair)

My point: Getting a relaxer because you are experience breakage at the line of demarcation, is valid.
I always suggest to do a protein treatment a week before then relax(be at least 8 weeks post). But to get a relaxer because of shedding, isn't the solution. Shedding and a Relaxer has no correlation.

*I did a blog post on ways to slow down excessive shedding in the past, but I will do another post shortly
*You can search for the older post using the search bar

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