Thursday, August 18

Patra and her Braids I'm sure most of you have heard the term "Patra Braids". Well the originator herself was spotted recently with her trademark braids.

For all of you who don't know- Patra is a Reggae Artist from the 90's who's famous for the songs "Pull up to the Bumper" and "Romantic Call"..etc


  1. I definitely remember having "Patra Braids!"

    Besides 2 strand twists, Patra's style of braids are my favorite type braids to wear. I'm too short to wear them looong like Patra, but they look great on her! :)

  2. @ Melany- I am soo late responding to this...but I'm glad somebody remembers..haha.

    Hey, I'm tall and still wouldn't feel right wearing braids that long. I actually think it looks better on shorties :-)


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