Saturday, September 24

3 Inches

I try not to focus on hair length soo much, but I'm really hoping I make my goal by the end of the year.
On my body, from Arm Pit to Below Shoulder Blade length is about 3 inches. I reached Full APL in if I grow at least a half inch a month, that means I should def make that goal by December.
When I pull the back/middle portion of my twists down, I am exactly at my goal length, but the sides have a lot of catching up to do.

I forget where I saw or got this hair length chart from, but this helps me see my goal much clearer. Although, on my shoulders and Armpits are 5 inches apart and here it looks sooo much closer. Goes to show that it all depends on your body proportion.

Look at the Hip length on anyone's hip over there?

My final length check will be sometime in December. You know the saying...a watched pot never boils.
But this is the last picture I have of my hair down, which you all saw before. Don't mind the oilyness and thin looking ends...I believe they only look thin because the top portion is curlier. 


  1. ur hair is nice and long! it really is proportions because I used to think that some people got to APL really quickly but its just that they have less inches between their shoulder and armpit.

    and yea i need to keep in mind that pot adage!

  2. Thank you, Aly!!
    I used to think the same way especially since it took me FOREVER to get to APL.

    LOL..I have to tell myself that everyday!

  3. I also do not plan to length check until the end of the year. You can definitely get there by December! Your hair looks nice and thick!

  4. @ EbonyCPrincess- Can't wait to see your progress! I'm sure in 3 months you will get the BSL you want!
    Thank you!!


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