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Corrective Relaxer When You Have the -----ZZZZZ------

In my last post I stated that upper portion of my hair is straight, middle is underprocessed and the ends are straight.
Now this issue sometimes happens to those who stretch their relaxer for long periods of time because the relaxer is not brought down far enough to cover all of the new-growth.

I had this happen to me before and when I got a "corrective", my hair was fine. Now, just because I was fine before doesn't mean I'm not afraid of breakage. But in the mean time, I am getting my hair as strong as possible, meaning light protein treatments and henna..just in case.

If this happened to on for some tips(this is for you Ra-an ;-).

First you need to take a look at your hair

How bad is the underprocessed area of your hair(the middle portion)? Are you able to comb through with out any issues or breakage? Are you experiencing any breakage? If not, I would proceed as normal and get a touch-up when you normally do. To be safe, I would try not to manipulate that area too much. Maybe try protective styling for a bit.

Words of Advice:
If the middle portion is not severely underprocessed, when you relax as normal..make sure you do NOT put any oil or vaseline on that area when you protect your ends. I'm sure the relaxer run-off will help straighten that area..if not the first time you relax, the next time.

Now if the underprocessed area is causing breakage...then it may be pretty bad and a corrective is needed.
As said above, keep up with your protein treatments to strengthen your hair before doing any type of relaxer/chemical treatment.

Corrective Relaxer

* Wait at least 6 weeks after the intial relaxer

1.) Protect your straight areas of your hair. Meaning, put vaseline, oil, conditioner or whatever on your relaxed ends and on the straighter portion towards your roots. BUT try your best not to get any on your roots or the underprocessed areas.

2.) When you or your stylists relaxes your hair,  relax the roots as normal.  During the last 5-6 minutes of the relaxer process smooth down the relaxer on the underprocessed areas
****Proceed as normal(meaning neutralizing..and all of that good stuff) ****

OR YOU CAN DO THE BELOW (this will better work for those who have smaller portions of hair underprocessed and for those who can stretch up to 13 weeks)

*Wait at least 4-5 weeks*

*Put your hair in medium to large size braids/twists and STOP right above the underprocessed areas

*Now the braid/twists will be your new-growth and the previously relaxed hair (basically the straight area)

*Protect your relaxed ends or place a plastic duck billed clip on the demarcation line(where the underprocessed hair and relaxed ends meet)

* Apply the relaxer to the underprocessed areas ONLY, smooth and keep on for about 7 minutes max. This all depends on how bad it's underprocessed. If it's only texlaxed, keep on for 5 minutes.

****Proceed as normal(meaning neutralizing..and all of that good stuff) ****

Relax as normal 8 weeks later and make sure to protect everything but your new-growth this time.

Hope this helps!!! If anyone else experienced this before..please leave some suggestions/tips or words of wisdom in the comment section!

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  1. ({}) big hugs Ms D!
    Thanks for the info, could i email u pictures of my hair before i make any final decisions?

  2. awwww Thank You!

    Sure...send them to

  3. Hi! I am about to go on a google/YouTube rampage to find out more ab corrective relaxers. I have a question for you. Can you get a corrective relaxer if all of your hair was underprocessed? I got a relaxer in August and although it was left on a long time (I think too long) it loosened the curl like a texturizer. A few weeks later my hair started shedding when I'd comb it. I've been wearing protective styles since but I still want my hair straight. Can a corrective relaxer be the answer For me?

  4. @ Stacy- Yes, you can get a corrective relaxer when ALL of your hair is undprocessed. You would just process the roots as normal then the last 6 minutes, apply relaxer to the underprocessed parts making sure to smooth well so they don't end up underprocessed as usual.
    A corrective is like "picking up where you left off".
    I think you should be fine since your last relaxer was in August. Just keep up with your moisture/protein balance and do a hard core protein treatment the week before your relaxer.
    Good Luck!!!

  5. omg! You described my problem

  6. Hey Ms. D, love your blog :-).. Question: what about under processed ends? How would you go about correcting that? TIA

    1. Thank you!

      That's a tough one. I wouldn't try and correct that since it's only your ends that are underprocessed. I would either NOT coat that section of the hair before relaxing(make sure to coat the rest though) and let the relaxer run-off gradually straighten it. Deal with it if it isn't causing breakage. Or just gradually trim as your hair grows. Hope that helps.

  7. Thanks again!

  8. Hi , can you tell me what exactly is relaxer run off please? Thank you !

    1. Hi!
      This is when you rinse out the relaxer and the relaxer washes out in your hair. Similar to when you wash your hair and the shampoo is supposed to be focused on your scalp, but the shampoo runs through your hair and cleans that as well.

  9. Hello I relaxed my new grow and did realize that I had more new grow then I relaxed now my hair is straight then wavy than straight what should I do to fix it without it breaking?

    1. Hi. You should wait at least 6 week to correct it then when you relax next, do your newgrowth then pull the relaxer down to get the missed parts. In the mean time, you could keep your hair stretched with either roller sets or flat ironing your hair. Do some mild protein treatments to keep your hair strong, You could also try putting your hair in a protective style such as braids and twists until your next touch up if you don't want to bother with your hair


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