Friday, October 14

Crochet Earrings

For those who know me, there is no secret that I have a slight obsession with earrings. On my 7 Random things post, it was stated that I wear black A in order to spice up my outfits..I accessorize! I do have quite a few necklaces and bracelets..but my true love is earrings.


When I watch YouTube videos, I see quite a few naturals with Crochet Earrings that I adore.
So..I went searching to buy some and saw some pretty cute ones on Etsy but they were kind of expensive. So I was like, let me check out Ebay and see what they have.
I came across a seller who had these 2 earrings and I immediately placed my bid for both.
I ended up winning them for a whopping $2.07 total with free shipping!!
Talk about a good deal! I received them 5 days later (since they are located in Texas) and immediately fell in love with them. I sent the seller an email thanking him for such beautiful earrings and he stated his wife makes them and she didn't think anyone would purchase them...Boy was she wrong. He also stated that they will be selling more. So for anyone interested in Crochet earrings such as these..please feel free to check out this seller. They don't have any up now, but I'm sure they will soon. Plus they have other cute jewerly as well!

Sellers Name: accessorycavern

I can just picture myself wearing these with a big braid-out or even a bun.

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  1. Oh that sounds so fascinating. Even I love Crochet Earrings a lot. I would love to own a pair of my own.


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