Thursday, November 3

Breakage and A Look Back

So, I realized when braiding my hair that some of my nape area has broken off.
It's kind of hard to explain how much and where, but I am quite devastated to say the least.
To try and explain, its on the left side of my head and the length of the broken hair is a little above my collar bone. So, about 3-4 inches broke off. The size of the breakage is about 1 cornrow.'s not A LOT, but any breakage to me is disheartening.

The red circle somewhat illustrates where the breakage area is
I know the culprit is the underprocessing of my relaxer and dealing with about 3 different textures in that area.
I'm in repair mode...which I will touch on in another post.
But I know for a fact I can bounce back from this minor set-back.

How do I know? Well simply because I went from this:

June 2009
sorry didn't like my face in this pic. As you can tell my nape area was way above my shoulders!

To This in about 2 Years

So, now I have my edges and nape to worry about. So far, my edges are progressing nicely...I'm more focused on my nape now!

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