Monday, December 5

Benefits of Almond Oil for Hair

I saw a post on the LHCF about Dr. Oz's hair secrets from India.
The secrets were to give yourself scalp massages with natural oils.

Vigoriously massage scalp to increase circulation. Leave on for 30 minutes or sleep with them overnight.
Neem Oil = Dry Itchy scalp, cradle cap and/or dandruff. Natural antibacteria.
Coconut oil = Overprocessed hair.
Almond Oil = For thinning hair.
  • Many said that Neem Oil smells like a dead animal and I refuse to use something that smells so bad in the name of hair care. Although I was very tempted to purchase it at the Indian Grocery store I visit.
  • I already have Coconut Oil.
  • So, I decided to give Almond Oil a try. I purchased Almond Oil(not Sweet Almond Oil) from an Indian Grocery store near my parents house, for $5.00 (7oz)

Almond oil is extracted from two types of almonds i.e. sweet almonds and bitter almonds. It is used for various purposes to improve health and beauty. Almond oil has high contents of vitamin E, B, dietary fiber, essential minerals and monounsaturated fats.

Almond oil is great hair tonic. It prevents and stops hair loss. It facilitates the growth of hair and prevents premature greying. Massaging the hair with almond oil makes them thicker, stronger and healthier.

It strengthens the hair follicles by absorbing deep into the scalp. Almond oil is especially recommended for women during their post natal period to control hair loss and for healthy growth of hair. Almond oil is an effective treatment to cure dandruff.

*Right now I am mixing the coconut, almond and grapeseed oil together to create my ultimate oil mix! I apply to my scalp twice a week and on my strands daily to seal.  So far, so good. I have 4 weeks to go hard on my hair like I said..I AM DOING THE MOST!

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  1. Great post! I love oils.. and almond oil smells great x

  2. Thank you!

    I love oils too!! Slight addiction that I am trying to get over :-X

  3. Aaah almond and coconut oil
    Love to steam with them

  4. I'm a new oil addict, and i can't get enough of these oils.

  5. can i mix olive oil and castor oil mix with almond oil for hair regrowth

    1. Yes you can. Those are all great oils.

  6. I have thinning hair especially down the middle. Part seems to be getting wider and wider. I heard Almond Oil will help. Any suggestions?

    1. I think you have to find the cause of the thinning first. I suggest going to a Dermatologist. But Almond Oil may help, Aloe Vera Juice or Gel, Castor Oil, and added essential oil(2-3 drops in your Carrier Oil)

  7. What indian store did u go to can u give me the name please so i can buy the exact.almond oil contact me

    1. Any Almond Oil will work, it doesn't have to be this particular one.
      You can get Almond Oil from, amazon, iherbs, swansonvitamins, etc.
      In stores, you can find it at GNC, Whole Foods, etc.

    2. But some almond oils dry my hair

    3. try any indian store that has the same brand name I specified. Or you can search on the Amazon.


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