Thursday, December 8

Quick Tip: For Those Who Deep Condition on DRY Hair

Many people deep condition on dry hair before shampooing to save time. Some also Prepoo with conditioner. If you do either, lightly spray your hair with WARM water before adding the conditioner to your hair.
The warm water will open your hairs cuticle which will help absorb the conditioner so you receive it's maximum benefits.
You will also use less product because your hair is slightly damp.

*I like to use filtered water when I spray my hair. I have a Brita Bottle that I barely used because I tend to purchase 24 packs of Water(I know I'm killing the environment..but hey, I recycle).
I just fill it up with warm water then squirt in my spray bottle.

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  1. interesting tip, I'll try this next time I do a mask! ^^


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