Friday, February 3

3 Simple Ways to Boost Your Hair Growth

I know most of you have seen these tips time and time again..... But it doesn't hurt to see them one more time! :-D

1.) Supplements- Let's face it, it's not as easy to receive all the proper vitamins and nutrients through our food as when we were children. Our parents are no longer forcing veggies and fruits down our throats (I know over exaggeration) and it's up to us to get those despite our busy schedules. 
 I know some of you have very healthy diets, but for those who don't, supplements are the next option. If you are deficient in essential vitamins/minerals/nutrients, it will not only effect your health, but also your hair. I first suggest that you go to the Dr. and get your blood checked.(to make sure you don't have an Iron, Vitamin D, etc deficiency). But there are some supplements such as Omega 3,6,9, Biotin, B Complex, MSM and so forth that could aid in hair growth. Do your thorough research before taking any of them and if you don't like to take separate vitamins, get some Hair, Skin and Nail vitamins.

2.) Increase your Water Intake- Water is VERY critical for the production of healthy cells in our bodies. Healthy cells=Healthy hair.  We should be drinking half our body weight in ounces of water per day! If you are taking supplements, more water should be consumed to help absorb them.
Our hair is made up of about 1/4th of water, drinking water will help keep our hair healthy from inside and out.

3.) Protein- Our hair is comprised of protein and a not consuming enough can decrease hair growth and possibly cause hair loss. Adults should consume AT LEAST 30 Grams of protein daily. This can be done through meats, dairy,nuts, fish, etc, or you can drink some protein shakes. If you are afraid of gaining weight...I suggest working out(which you should be doing anyway)

Topical ways to increase hair growth coming up soon.


  1. A suggestion for your topical hair growth post:
    This past month I tried the Bee Mine sulfur growth serum just to see if this would work. Currently I'm experiencing more growth on the left side of my head than the right which I'm attributing to the Bee Mine serum. My hair seemed to grow faster on the right side and was very obviously uneven, which is why I applied the serum mostly on the left side and middle of my scalp. I'm considering purchasing a larger bottle since I only had the trial size.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion! I never tried the Bee Mine Serum, but I make up my own Sulfur mix. I need to check out the ingredients in the Bee Mine because I have heard great things about it!
      That's great that you received some growth from it!

  2. All great tips!!! I eat healthy for the most part and I interested in multivitamins. I try to drink atlest 2L of water a day, usually no more because I get water from other sources and urinating every five minutes drives me crazy, to be honest. Also, for me the biggest increase/ boost in my hair growth has been exercise. Exercise alone has worked better than any of the other changes I've made or so it seems that way.

    1. That's great! No wonder why your hair is growing like weeds.
      I was going to add excercising too. I've been slacking, but def notice an increase in growth when I do.
      Thanks for the comment!


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