Wednesday, February 29

Things I USED to Do

.... during my journey that I don't do anymore. 

Co-Wash (washing hair with conditioner only)- I would co-wash up to 4 times a week. One main reason was that I constantly worked-out  (which I am slowly getting back to). At that time, my hair was shoulder length(or a little longer) and relaxed bone-straight, so detangling was a BREEZE! Now that my hair is longer and I'm dealing with multiple textures, co-washing is a thing of the past! I have no time to sit there and work with all those tangles!

Rotate between Moisturizing and Protein  Deep Conditioners- I would use a strictly protein conditioner one wash (where I would have to follow up with a moisturizing conditioner)  OR use a moisturizing conditioner the next wash and so forth. That's just too much! I now use a Moisturizing Deep Conditioner that contains a good amount of protein(ORS Replenishing Pack)! That simplifies my wash day process and helps save me some $$$.

Apple Cider Vinegar Rinses-  This would help close the cuticle, cleanse my scalp and keep my porosity in check. I have found that using Aloe Vera Juice as a leave-in has the same effect, so to eliminate the amount of products and steps I take, I stick to AVJ.

Buying and trying SOOO many products- I think experimenting with products is great for those starting off with their journey! But sometimes it can be excessive and cause more harm than good.  I have finally found my staple products that I will stick to!
I was at Walgreens to buy some non-hair related items. As always, I ended up in the hair aisle and saw so many orange clearance stickered items. S-Curl for $2.00, ORS hair pudding for $1.50 and many more products I never tried for dirt cheap. I stood in that aisle, contemplating for a long time if I should buy them or not. I even considered purchasing them for a give-away(but because I never tried them, I was unsure). After 15 minutes..yes 15 minutes..I walked away empty handed. #Win!! I am no longer addicted to purchasing hair products!

Obsess over length- I used to look at the back of my hair after every wash to see how long it was...not anymore. I'm over it. My main goal is to keep my  hair healthy as possible, especially now that I am transitioning. I know I don't want it any shorter than this, but if it get's longer that's a plus.  I  know I have some length because I can do things that I couldn't do before and I am perfectly content with that.

Is there anything you used to do during your hair journey that you nixed? 

P.S- I apologize for not posting as regularly as I should, that's another thing I used to do :(. I will def get back to it! I owe it to all  my LOVELY readers!!


  1. First off thanks for telling me about Walgreen's clearance. I will be checking it out soon. Lbvs. I just started Dec 4th but I don't buy products the way I use to. I use to spend hours on hair board and watching YT videos. I don't spend that much time on them anymore.

    1. You're welcome, I hope you find some good products!
      Yeah, I think once you get a hang of things, visiting boards and watching YT videos start to die down.

  2. I just started (officially) in January and used to spend hours watching youtube videos and browsing hair blogs. Now that I've found the blogs I think give me the most useful advice and I can relate to I can just check my reading list on blogger & keep it moving. These blogs (yours included) definitely have helped me not to become a product junkie, which is so easy to become when you enter the overwhelming world of the beauty supply store.

    1. That's how I was when I first started too!
      Aww, I'm glad my blog helps you out some!

  3. I used to frequent all of the hairboards, I've erased all but two profiles now.
    I used to alternate dc's, now I combine them prior to dc or use moisture mainly until I feel I need protein.

    I used to be a bad pj. I still struggle, but I can walk out of a bss empty handed now. I have a staple regimen now. I am still working out my leave ins. I have a tote bag in my closet of purged products that I don't need.

    1. I mneed to erase some of my profiles too. I joined so many hair boards in the last 2 years as well.

      That's great about beating the pj bug! I feel like many of us become pj's when starting a hair journey.

  4. I tried to post a comment on this yesterday but my phone was playing silly beggers with your blog.

    This post really struck a chord with me. I have way too many products! After reading this I made a list (a big list) of all the products I have both at my apartment and at my boyfriends house and decided I need to trim them down. I have enough of everything to last at least a year! I am now on a 3 month ban (apart from staples and bulk hair for my protective styles) and I'm gonna stick to it.

    Thank you for inspiring me.


    1. Enough Products to last a year?!?! Maybe you should have a blog sale for products you don't use. I'm sure you can get rid of some.
      I'm glad you have that 3 month ban, I'm sure after it's done you will most likely stick to your staples.


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