Thursday, March 29

Current Obsessions

Well not really obsessions, but things of interest to me at this moment other than hair products and accessories.  

Most Recent Purchase

Jewelry- For those that know me, there is no secret that I LOVVVVVEE earrings. I probably have over 150 pairs, and I think I finally reached my limit(even though I just purchased 5 pairs this week). I particularly like large studs, crochet and vintage earrings.
Now that I have enough earrings, I moved on over to necklaces and bracelets. Recently I have been buying a lot of colorful accessories for spring/summer because I tend to wear solid and neutral colors(slowly purchasing more prints). I add that pop of color with my accessories and shoes. 
Gym Clothes - Having cute work-out clothes makes me even more motivated to hit the gym. I don't wear sweat pants or any of that because they are never long enough for me, so I usually focus on buying capris, leggings or shorts. As for my tops, they are usually tank tops or fitted tees.

I don't have these particular cases (image taken from google search)

iPhone Covers/Cases- I finally got rid of my Android(that I sometimes miss) and got an iPhone. BTW, am I the last person on the planet to get one?? Anyway, I have the white one and find it boring plus I need protection for the phone, so I just purchased about 5 phone cases. I even got an arm band for the gym.

Nail Polish- I give myself a manicure once a month and paint my nails weekly. I love nail polish and purchase a few every week. Now that it's Spring, I can experiment with some really bright cute colors (then again, I sometimes wore bright colors in the fall/winter to help brighten up my day).
One thing that happens to me all the time is that I would be so happy about a recent nail polish purchase then I would get home and notice I already have a VERY similar color. So I think I will take a picture of my collection and look at it before purchasing any new polishes.

 Clothes and Shoes are pretty much necessities and wouldn't be classified as an obsession. Right now I am doing some spring cleaning and donating whatever clothes and shoes I don't wear. So that leaves some room to purchase more! :-D

What are your current "obsessions"?


  1. I have a huge earring obsession myself. I need to buy cuter workout clothes. No you're not the last to get an iphone as I don't have 1 yet. I have the Metropcs phone that looks like a blackberry. So you good.

    1. Aren't they addictive! Buying workout clothes is a gradual process for me.
      Thanks...for a second there, I thought I was the last one!

  2. I definitely have a nail polish obsession. I'm trying so hard not to purchase any new colors but I keep finding designs I want to try with colors/shades I don't have (amazing considering my extensive collection). In addition, I'm also part of Julep Maven which sends a box of 2-3 polishes (valued at $14 each) and some other nail goodies each month for only $19.99. I can skip each month but every time I say I'm going to skip I check out the box contents & decide I definitely don't have those colors so I'll get it this month. & now I want to try out a different brand. I'm trying to get my friends to be my accountability buddies to keep me in check.

    1. LOL, girl I think you beat me on the nail polish obsession. I wish you didn't mention Julep Maven, I have been convincing myself that I don't need it, but now I'm tempted!
      Good idea on having your friends be your accountability buddies!!

  3. I'm known for statement earrings too...although my collection is not NEARLY as extensive as yours, I love your recent purchases btw!!!

    My current obsession? Trying to curtail all my PAST obsessions! lmao. Seriously I have so much STUFF i'm just trying to enjoy using all of my previous purchases...but its hard!

    1. I noticed, your earrings are very cute! Thank you.

      LOL, I need to make that a current obsession too! I know exactly how hard it can be!


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