Saturday, March 17

Darken it Up

I took my twists out Thursday, rocked a braid-out yesterday and decided to do a Henna Treatment last-night. I felt like I needed to strengthen my hair a little bit.
 Because my hair ALWAYS has a reddish tint after applying Henna, I proceeded with Indigo.

My Henna Mix is:
200 G of Karishma Henna
enough warm water to make a yogurt consistency
1.5 teaspoon of Safflower Oil
* applied immediately after mixed
* kept on overnight
*rinsed out like crazy with just water
*shampooed scalp with sulfate free shampoo
*towel dried and then applied the Indigo

Indigo Mix:
100 G Indigo Powder
enough warm water to make a yogurt consistency
a few pinches of Salt
*applied about 8 minutes after mixed
* kept on for 2.5 hours
*rinsed out with Conditioner and shampooed scalp again

I really need to start using more Indigo powder because 100G isn't enough to cover all my hair, but for now, it did it's job.

About to wash the Indigo Out

After washing Indigo out- Damp Hair


  1. Your hair looks healthy after the washout. I've never tried henna before. It's one of the things I've ran away from for one strange reason.

    1. Thanks! In the past, I was on a quest for "thicker" hair so I gave Henna a try and fell in love!

  2. Ms. D I am curious about leaving the henna in overnight, should I cover my hair with a plastic cap and then wrap everything up in a scarf? I just don't want to make a mess in my bed! I know it seems like a silly and easy question, I want to be as informed as possible when I take this on! Thank you for your help!

    1. I use a plastic cap then a shopping/trash bag...then a bonnet.
      For precautionary measures, I sometimes place a towel on my pillow..but the henna never runs on it.
      It's not a silly question at all..I was concerned about that too!
      If you have any other questions, you know how to reach me. :-D


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