Saturday, March 3

My Hair: Night Routine

I mainly roller-set because it smooths out the cuticles of my hair making it easier to manipulate through-out the week. The only issue is that my new-growth doesn't get that stretched so it's a little hard for that area of my hair to retain moisture. This is where my night-routine comes in handy. Although I don't wear my hair down through-out the week, I like to maintain the sleekness the roller-set gives me just in case I change my mind.

So EVERY night when my hair is OUT I:

 Finger Part My hair and spray my new-growth only with my Aloe-Vera Mix.

 Finger part my hair down the middle. If necessary I will put some moisturizer through-out the length of each section which is about 3 times a week.
Then I put my hair in 2 buns securing with satin scrunchies

Step 3: Wrap Hair with Silk Scarf

It takes about 8 minutes to prepare my hair for bed!

* These photos were taken in January


  1. That's cute! How do you do the buns? And I didn't know that helps maintain the curl in your hair.

    1. Thanks.
      I just twirl the bun in a circular motion then place the scrunchy on it.
      Usually when I take down the buns and play with my hair a little, I still have slight curls.


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