Tuesday, April 10

Transition Update: 20.5 Weeks Post Relaxer

Hey Hey Hey...hope you all had a wonderful weekend!
Just thought I would give a brief update on my transition.
So, where do I start? Well, this doesn't really feel like a transition because it's easy breezy and I'm basically doing the same thing I have been doing all along.
The only thing that really changed is the way I wash my hair.As previously said, I detangle on "dry" hair, section my hair in these ponytails and wash my hair in them.  
My hair on 4.4 before washing

Other than that, I still roller-set once a month,  wear twists about 2 weeks out of the month and bun in between. I'm really itching for some single braids, but will hold out for the summer.
I have absolutely no desire to straighten my hair and my signature "out" styles are:

The braid and curl
Taken 4.8.12

And braid-outs
Taken 3.30.2012

Soon I will be giving myself a trim and I'm contemplating remaining at Arm Pit Length for the majority of my transition. I have about 2.5-3inches of new-growth with the most being in my crown. My nape's natural texture is very loose, but the rest of my natural hair is very tightly coiled. I play in my new-growth all the time, but still have no urges to big chop. I'm in this for the long haul!


  1. Easy breezy!!! You're doing an awesome job retaining that thickness too!!

  2. I agree, the thickness is brilliant. It actually looks like you have more newgrowth than you actually have.

    Keep enjoying your stretch. I'm looking forward to the next update.

    1. Thank you! My goal is to lose as little relaxed hair(due to breakage) as possible so I hope I maintain the thickness.

      Thanks again girl, I will be sure to keep everyone updated!

  3. Glad your transition is going great for you. Loving the thickness as everyone else has stated!

  4. That pic so reminds me of my childhood! I love following long term transitioners...glad its going super well for you!!!

    1. Lol, I know right! That's how my mother used to do my hair when I was younger except she put in ribbons and clips.
      Thanks, girl!

  5. Looking good! I cut the texlaxed parts after about 9 months, but then again I used to texlax once a year.


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