Wednesday, May 9

3 Tips for Hair Care on a Budget

1.) Product reviews- Before purchasing any new product,  read or watch numerous reviews from people with hair similar to yours. Although everyone's hair is different, there is a good chance that your hair will like the product if the majority of the reviews are positive. Whenever I am in a store and see something interesting, I pull my phone out and search for reviews before purchasing. 

2.) Stick to the essentials- For our hair to be healthy, we don't need millions of hair products. Just refer to number 1 before purchasing any of the below.
The necessities are: 
Deep Conditioner
and Oil
The most expensive product you will most likely purchase is a Deep Conditioner, but even a good one doesn't have to cost over $20.00.

3.) Double it up- When I first started my hair journey, I thought I HAD to rotate between protein and moisturizing deep conditioners. Later on I found, that a moisturizing DC with a good amount of protein works just as well. 
Also, a normal conditioner with added oil can make a good deep conditioner and a normal conditioner diluted with some filtered water(you can also add oil) can make a good leave-in. 
I know some people don't like to doctor up hair products, but when times are tough and you want your hair to be healthy, it helps. 

***Be sure to know the stores return policy before purchasing items. A lot of stores accept returns on hair products which is great if a product you purchase doesn't work well in your hair. 

More tips coming soon.  


  1. I wish the returns policy in UK BSS was as good as you guys in the US get! I would get laughed straight back outta the store if I tried to take back a product I've used, unless it was faulty, and even then I think I'd have a fight on my hands in some stores.

  2. Aww man, I wish the return policy was like the US as well!
    I used to feel weird returning hair products, but now I don't care.

  3. I hear you on pulling up reviews in the store - I'm good for doing the same exact thing when I'm trying to decide on purchases. I have the LHCF app and I'm quick to go to youtube! :-)

  4. Girl #3 is like one of my big revelations in 2012! I stay using Sally's and Ulta because I can always return whatever I want, whenever I want if it doesn't work for me. But #3 is one of the BIGGEST improvements along with rollersetting that my hair thanks me for.


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