Friday, May 25

Transitioning Woes

Although my transition is going relatively well, I do sometimes have issues. My issue this week is slicking down my edges. 

I am now 27 weeks post relaxer and this week is my "bunning" week. 

I am able to work with the side of my hair that the braid is on and the center, but my left side is  another story. 

The hairs will NOT lay down for the life of them!!!!
I typically:
lightly spritz my hair with water
 add some Eco Styler Gel,
Spritz my soft boar bristle brush with water
Brush my edges back
tie scarf
then remove scarf when I get to work

Then POOF..they just spring right back up!! But you know what? I concluded that's just how my hair is and I don't even worry about it anymore. Plus, once the natural hair grows out more..I will have less issues. 

So, last night..I braided my hair in about 6 braids, took them out this am, clipped my ends up, put on a headband and didn't even bother slicking down my edges(or shall I say "try to slick em down" )

Issue: Solved!

I believe the key to a successful transition is to work with what you have. 
Don't fight it. 
For instance, if you straighten your hair and it keeps poofing up..try doing more textured styles. 
If your edges wont slick down, put on a headband.
 If wearing your hair out is too much..get some braids, a weave, half wig, twists etc. 


  1. You have the right attitude. Just let it be.

  2. When I was natural, it was weird to not worry about the edges at first but then it was hey, it's my hair, go with it.

  3. I can feel you. I'm 26 weeks post and I'm starting to struggle with getting those sleek buns I'm used too. Ive come to terms with it. Like ou; I've been trying more textured styles.

  4. I'm with you. My hair motto too! No need to cause resistance and frustation. Find a way to compliment what's going on. I like your plan B. Waves for days....loving the NG.


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