Saturday, June 2

Cute Summer Hair Looks

Summer is right around the corner or it has already started for some.
Here are some cute, simple(well most) summer looks that you could try out. 

When the weather get's too hot, it can be uncomfortable to have your hair down, on your back or on your face. So why not pull it all back? A simple braid can also add some flavor! If your hair isn't long enough you can just wrap some kanekalon hair to your ponytail and braid. 

Slight curls, pulled up and framing the face is always a cute look! You can get these curls by using a curl wand, caruso or hot rollers, or simply roller-setting your hair. A nice bow or flower accessory takes the style up a notch! 


Not only does a hat protect your skin from the sun, but they are also very stylish! 


Scarfs aren't JUST for wrapping your hair. They can also add some color to your look or conceal a bad hair day! 

For more summer looks, check out this post I did on vacation hair. 

** this for natural and relaxed folks..but I will do a post specifically for the natural ladies at another time. 

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