Thursday, July 19

Beyonce in Braids

Now y'all know I'm a braids gal, so there is no surprise that I always LOVED the braids Beyonce wore back in her Destiny's Child days. 
I'm glad to see her bring them back, although they are a little different than before. 
A lot of people are acting surprised to see her in them, but I recall braids being her signature style. Plus..braids on a black woman never surprises me. lol

One thing I could do without is the blonde...but then again, that's her signature hair color.  

I wish I didn't have a paparazzi pic of this, but it's all I can get

Beyonce Back in the days

Braids and twists 

Images courtesy of Google search 

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  1. I'm just not feeling that particular style. I was not a fan of it bk in the 90's and I'm not a fan now. But now that Beyonce is wearing them I expect to see them everywhere.


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