Friday, July 13

These Are My Confessions

1.) I only comb my hair once a month- That sounds crazy right? Let me clarify that statement...I only USE a comb once a month. All of my other detangling sessions are with my fingers. This is one of the main reasons why I have virtually NO noticeable breakage and my relaxed ends remain thick.(I know..seeing is believing. I will take a pic of my hair after my twists challenge)  I do not encounter knots, locs or tangles because my hair is either in twists or constantly stretched.

don't mind my nails...they grow super fast and this is just 4 days with the nail polish
This is how much hair I lose after 2 weeks in twists. 
When I actually use a comb to detangle, because I already finger detangle in between, I lose even less hair than the above. 

2.) I only Deep Condition once a month- Shocker! I am so not practicing what I preach. Hear me out though. I wash my hair either weekly or biweekly..but that's mainly when I'm in twists. So, once a month, the same time I detangle, I deep condition and do my whole thorough wash routine. My hair retains moisture very well in twists so I never have to worry about my hair drying out.

3.) I haven't been doing the "normal" transitioning trims- I dust or "trim" my ends about every 4 months and it's never more than a half inch. I don't plan on doing actual big trims until I'm at least 15 months post. My ends are healthy and I like my I'm going to keep doing what I'm doing :-)


  1. Oh wow!!! I admire you for only combing once a month and finger detangling in between.... how often do u finger detangle and how do u do this, do u have a special technique?

    1. I finger detangle about 3 times a month.
      Here's the thing, my hair is in twists for for 1, 2 or 3 weeks at a time. So, a month would look like this.

      Detangle with Comb on dry/damp hair (I use my AVJ mix to detangle)
      Apply Deep Conditioner
      Wash in sections

      Keep twists in for a week or I take out each twist I finger detangle each section of hair by gently separating the hair and removing any shed hair

      Rock a braid out or an out style for the weekend.

      Back in twists on Sunday. before twisting each section, I will finger detangle, by separating the hairs again and removing sheds.

      Then the process continues.

      Hope this helps. It's easier to show than explain so I will do a video on this either this weekend or next.

    2. awesome, thanks so much :)

  2. Wow!!! I wish I could only lose that small amount of hair anytime!!! (",)

    Your regimen certainly seems to be working for you.

    1. I think it's the MSM that I've been taking religiously. My shedding has decreased tremendously.

  3. P.S. I like the new colour scheme (",)

  4. i like how simple your regimen is while transitioing :), your hair is def thriving! i also like your new layout!

    1. Thank you!!!!
      This is the first time in my hair journey that I'm truly keeping it simple.


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