Saturday, February 23

Mini Haul

If you're a Sally's card member, you already know that today is 30% off with a coupon. I went there last week and the store clerk told me I'm better of waiting until today to purchase things, so I did exactly that. 

At Sally's I purchased:

ORS Replenishing Conditioner(new bottle, same formula)- $6.69
This is my staple DC as most of you know

Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus- Curl & Style Milk- $7.89 (it was $2.00 off)
I never used this product, but saw many great reviews. I ran out of Shea-butter and probably won't be buying any for at least 3 weeks, so I need to use something in the interim. I prefer to use "natural" products on my hair in between washes, so hopefully this works well for me. 

Taliah Waajid- The Great Detangler-$7.19
 This product has some good ingredients and I'm curious to see how this works on my natural hair. 
I basically purchased it for the same reason as the Shea Moisture. 

At Stop & Shop I purchased- 

One a Day- VitaCraves Gummies- With Immunity Support- $6.00
I always take a multi-vitamin daily. Now, I typically switch brands and purchase what's on sale..and this was on sale. I like VitaCraves, but they are always so expensive, so I jumped on this when I saw the sale tag. 

At a local Dollar Store I purchasd- 

Satin Scrunchies- $1.00
I use these to section off my hair 

2 Afro Pics- $1.00
I thought these were cute. I like cute combs(don't judge me) and I will of course use these to pic out my hair. 

Total Spent:


  1. I'm a Sally's card member & TOTALLY missed out on the deal. :(

    I absolutely love Shea Mositure's Curl & Style Milk. I like a lot of Taliah Waajid's products, too. You picked up some nice things!

    1. Aww that stinks!! I'm sure there will be an even better deal soon.

      Thanks! Can't wait to try them out :-)

  2. Um, as a Sally's member and recovering pj, its probably good that I missed the sale. I'm curious about Taliah Waajid. Please keep us posted. I've moved to a cold, dry place state my products are turning on me. Feels like I need to search for moisturizer and detangler all over again.

    1. Lol, yeah it was probably for your own good! I used to live in Mass and still live somewhat close to there so I know exactly what you mean. Reviews coming soon!


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