Tuesday, March 26

Tools of the Trade

From Left to Right:

Short Afro Pic- I typically use this to pic out my roots only, to add more volume to my hair. 

Long Afro Pic- I barely use this because it's a little too big for me. If I can't find my smaller pic, I use this

Comb/Pic- If I am trying to be extra careful not to mess up my hair, but I need to add some volume, I use this pic. I never use the comb portion. 

Goody Pic- I carry this one in my purse- Dang, how many pics do I have? lol 

Conair Detangling Brush- I  typically use this to smooth the front of my hair when doing a puff. I have used this to detangle my natural hair, but I won't be doing that often. I don't find it necessary. I would have NEVER used it on my relaxed hair because it was too fragile for this. I do not recommend this for my relaxed ladies, unless you are only using it to smooth edges. 

Hercules Sagemann HS 1975 Comb( Seamless)- I have been using this well before my transition. It did a great job detangling my relaxed hair and now natural hair. I use this after combing with my wide tooth comb. 

Hercules Sagemann Magic Jumbo Rake (Seamless)-  This is my ALL time favorite comb. I could never live with-out this. After lightly finger combing, I use this to detangle my hair. Glides through like butta!!

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