Monday, June 17

TWA Love

One of the most liberating/freeing things for a woman to do is cut off all her hair.
Society makes us feel like our beauty is attached to the length of our hair. I personally feel like that's B.S. Beauty comes from within  and once you feel good about yourself and exude self confidence....that's when you are truly beautiful. 
I may sound hypocritical  because I chose to long term transition rather than do a big chop, but have y'all seen my shrinkage? LOL. Shoot, I might as well have a twa.  
I realized in my last post that I was kind of complaining about having shorter hair. Those thoughts have long left my mind because I need to embrace and love what I currently have. 

Anyway, the point of this post is to highlight the beauty of short hair/twa's. If you follow me on Tumblr, you would know that I not only post BAA's, but I consistently post TWA's as well. 

So for all of the ladies that have recently big chopped and are actively trying to grow out your hair...enjoy the convenience of your TWA. I'm sure you will miss it WHEN your hair grows out. 

And if you're feeling self conscious:

Put on some earrings
Put on a little make-up
Make sure your eyebrows are on point 
and wear something that makes you feel good 



I do not own any rights to these images and will add sources once all of the original ones are found


  1. awww; those pics are so encouraging.
    currently I'm feeling really good with my short hair (big chopped may 2013).
    i'll alternate between box braids and wearing my own hair for the rest of the year to not getting bored with my hair.

    btw i 100% agree with you on the point that beauty comes from within. when you love yourself then others will love you, too

    www.hairausforderung.blogspot. de/

    1. I'm glad you found the pics encouraging and congrats on your big chop!
      Looks like you have a good styling regimen going on!


      Thanks for commenting and stopping by!

  2. I did the big chop a few years ago & discovered I was one of those women who looked awful with a TWA. The back of my head is flat & I look better with big hair. Bravo to those who can pull it off, but I let mine grow into a big round afro like I had in the 70S. Like any other style it's not for everyone.

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  3. These pics are lovely! They sort of make me wish that I could have had this experience, the women who actually bravely rock this look always amaze me. There is something so exciting about seeing the women with's like you are in the presence of freedom incarnate. Thank you for sharing these pics!

    1. I'm glad you liked the photos! I feel the same way and completely agree with you :-)

  4. My sister has a TWA. I love playing in her natural hair. I braid it for her into a fro hawk or a braided headband. She's confident with it, with or without makeup. Its crazy because she is such a stereotypical diva, she loves her long highlighted microbraids, then next thing I know she's walking around with my hair pick(comb) in her purse rocking her TWA tough. I can't lie it makes me proud for many reasons and no reason at all.

    1. Aww if y'all look anything alike, I bet she looks beautiful with her twa.
      Lol I feel proud too!


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