Tuesday, October 15

2 Weeks of Hair

Hey Hey Hey!
Hope you all are doing well. 
I just wanted to take y'all through my hair journey for two weeks. 
I'm going to show y'all the good, bad and straight ugly.
You have been warned.

So, my hair is typically twisted for 1 or 2 weeks. This time it was twisted for a little less than 2. I installed the twists on a Monday and took them out the following Thursday.

To ensure my hair would stay neat, I braided the roots first.

I washed my hair in the twists on the Wednesday before removing twists. 
I took them out on Thursday night and my hair is typically stretched after doing so. 
I originally planned on doing a twist or braid out, so I wanted to keep my hair stretched.

So I wore my hair like this to work the next day. I know...ugh. lol. I woke up late, hence the no make-up and I honestly didn't care that day. 

This is how one of the twists looked unraveled. 

I wasn't feeling my hair stretched and I changed my mind on the twist/braid-out, so I spritzed my hair down with water(mixed with rose water) and wore my hair in a puff. 
I don't know...it's like I love my natural texture.

The next night, I decided to actually wear my hair out in a fro for the first time. 
I didn't leave the house like this though. I ended up taking the headband off and wearing my fro all out, but unfortunately I didn't snap any pics. 

I put my hair right back in a braided updo on Sunday which I will keep in until Friday and do this all over again. 


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