Friday, December 6

Hair Update

Hey Hey Hey!!!!
Hope you all are doing well!
I just wanted to update you all on my hair. 
So, after having these twists in for 7 weeks, I decided to remove them last night. 
Twists at week 6

This is what my hair looked like after taking them out. I followed the same removal process I have done in the past(check out my braids label for more info or feel free to ask).

Ugly kissy face 
I am officially 2 years post relaxer as of November 18th. 
I plan to let my hair rest for about 2 weeks then I will go back into Box Braids or Havana Twists. 

Oh and remember my post on the Mango Butter? Well thanks to the lovely Senecea and her tips, I tried making it again. This time I melted the Mango Butter on the stove, mixed in the oils then put it in the fridge to cool down. 
It's a lot smoother and although it doesn't have the consistency of my whip shea-butter..there aren't any hard lumps. Thanks Senecea! 

And one last thing


Have a great weekend!!!


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