Sunday, January 26

Relaxed Hair is Versatile TOO

Many times when I read natural hair spotlight interviews, they state that their natural hair is so much more versatile than when relaxed. That may be the case for them and I will never dispute or argue their truths, but I feel a little differently. Relaxed heads can do the same exact styles as naturals. The styles may look different and the hair won't revert back to curly, but relaxed hair is just as versatile.
Let's be real, in general, WE are very creative when it comes to hair. It doesn't matter if we're relaxed, natural, loc'd, weaved, wigged, braided, ect., versatility isn't much of an issue.  

Here are just a few ways I styled my hair when relaxed: 

Bantu-Knot Out


Blow-dried Straight hair 



Caruso Roller-Set


  1. I agree. Kinky hair has looks that can't be mimicked, but so does straight hair. I had always thought that the saying was black/ afro hair is versatile because it has a curl that's hard to mimic, it can more easily dreadlock and micro braid, and it can be texturized to straightened pin straight. but it seems like recently the saying has been turned to mean just natural hair, excluding relaxed afro hair.

    1. I heard that saying as well. I would describe natural afro hair more as "unique" in that aspect. And your points prove that all afro hair, whether relaxed or natural, is versatile.
      Thanks for commenting and sharing your opinion!

  2. Loving EVERYTHING about this post D! Our hair is like a chameleon. Straight one day afro the next. Naturals and relaxed heads have more in common than we have as differences.

    KLP | SavingOurStrands

    1. Great way to describe our hair and I definitely agree!

      Thanks for commenting!

  3. Loving this. You're so good at styling your hair.

    Mixed Hair

  4. YUP YUP! In general black hair is versatile. Probably why I have hair schizophrenia...too many options, so much to love! lol!

  5. I definitely agree! We can do so much with afro hair, relaxed or natural.

    Abbi of BelowtheWaist


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