Friday, March 14

What Happened?

I don't post as often as I used to. At one point, I was posting almost 5 times a week, maybe even more. But as you all can tell, that was a thing of the past.

So, let me explain what happened.

1.) I figured out MY hair- When I started this blog, I had short relaxed hair. My main goal was to learn as much as I could about relaxed hair and share that with y'all. In turn, I tried many methods and loads of products. I was also on hair boards heavily. That's no longer the case. I stick to what works, I don't try many products and I probably visit a hair board once every 3 months or so. All of that trial and error really helped me realize that less is more, for me.

2.) I switched jobs- I probably shouldn't put this up here. But at my last company, blogger wasn't blocked. So on lunch, since I rarely left the building, I was able to research and post. At my new company, blogger is blocked so I can no longer do that.

3.) I returned to my natural hair- Natural hair just seems very natural to me(no pun intended). It's not so much of a hair journey to me and more-so just taking care of my hair. Although I would like it to be a teeny bit longer, I'm using patience to get there and not any "different" methods.

4.) I lost the passion- This is probably the most important of all. You can't be dedicated to something or someone that you aren't passionate about.  Hair used to be such a huge passion of mine. While I still enjoy helping others, I am just not as passionate about hair as I used to be. It probably shows in my posts which is why I don't really gain as much "followers" as I used to and don't receive many comments as well.

With that said, I will continue to post as much as I can. My domain is up for renewal in June and I will have to seriously consider if this blog will remain.

I am VERY active on Tumblr and post often. I sometimes even post hair-updates there. I don't know if it's because I receive more feedback or if it's because it's easily accessable...but if you do want to keep up with me that's where to go.


  1. Even if you're not going to be posting much could you please keep this blog up? I refer to your previous posts quite a bit.

    1. Hello! It warms my heart to know you find my previous posts helpful! I will be sure to keep the blog up. Thanks for reading!

  2. Definitely keep your "" up please. It's free. I enjoy reading posts. Sometimes the lack of traffic inspires me to get more creative with my own blog. Many people like yourself have learned a good regimen, and they stick with it. Congratulations! I enjoy your blog!

    1. Hello! Good thinking, I will most likely switch back to "".
      Thanks for reading!
      Your blog is amazing and I enjoy all of your posts.
      Thanks again :-)

  3. Hey girl! Long time no read. I'm glad I caught this post. Definitely keep your blogspot. I used to post about hair all the time as well but as my interests changed and I started my business I started posting about alot more than hair, basically anything I want to. I'll definitely follow your tumblr. I have one as well, it's All the best!

    1. Heeey!! Hope all is well with you! I will keep it.
      Yes, I remember those days and your hair posts were very helpful! I also like how you're focusing on your business and posting anything you want to.
      I will follow your tumblr as well and I wish you much success with Moruka Designs. I have to check out your items cuz I am a firm believer of supporting black businesses.
      All the best to you too!

  4. Oh and your hair in your tumblr profile pic is AMAZEBALLS!!!


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