Monday, May 5

How I Keep My "4C" Hair Healthy

I'm not really big on hair typing.  On the other hand, I do find it helpful when searching for ladies(on YT or Blogs) with the same hair texture as me so I can get some tips and tricks. I would classify my hair as a predominantly "4c" texture especially when it's dry.  If you would like to see my hair wet, with no product click here.

Anyway, I have successfully grown out my hair to Arm-Pit length(maybe longer, but I don't really check) at about 26 months post relaxer. Don't let the shrinkage fool you. As everyone knows, with healthy hair comes length. So I wanted to share how I keep my hair healthy.
Spoiler Alert*  I have given these tips so many times before. This is for my new readers or a quick reminder for those that have been reading for a while.
  1. Minimize Tangles- I have VERY coily hair that likes to tangle up easily. In order to avoid that, I either keep my hair twisted/braided, use a heavy moisturizer/sealant(my shea-butter mix) or keep my hair stretched.  Keeping my hair stretched at night, by braiding or twisting, is essential as well.
  2. Keeping it Simple-  I don't do much with my hair. I DC/Shampoo my hair either weekly or biweekly and moisturize daily. I have been able to cut down my products drastically and I try to keep my hands out of my hair. I just sit back and let it do it's thing.
  3. Keeping it Strong and Soft -  I use a lot of products that have strengthening properties, but also keeps my hair soft. Some of which are my DC(AO Blue Camille Conditioner), Coconut Oil and diluted Aloe-Vera Juice. Because of those products, my hair is able to maintain it's health.
That's about it! As said before, it really doesn't take as much( as some may think) to have healthy hair. Once you figure out a regimen that works for you, stick with it and watch your hair flourish.


  1. Great tips. My hair is of similar texture so I definitely plan to keep my hands OUT of it as I transition.

    1. Thanks! Just saw your video yesterday on your decision to transition. Good luck!

  2. When I first started my HHJ, I was not keeping it simple. I sure paid for it! KISS is the best recipe for success for my hair.
    Divachyk | Relaxed Thairapy


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