Monday, July 14

Shrinkage and Minimizing Tangles

I personally don't like the stretched hair look(on myself). I tend to wear my hair in it's shrunken state and have learned a few ways to minimize tangles.

1.) Remove Shed Hair Often- Shed hair causes tangles so I try to get rid of them daily. I typically do so at night when I'm setting my hair. I just gently finger comb and pull out any shed hair I see/feel. My hair is typically well moisturized while doing this to avoid any breakage.

2.)  NOT Sleeping with Loose Hair- I rarely sleep with my hair loose. I put my hair in either 4-6 twists, bantu-knots or braids before bed. This way, my strands aren't dancing with each-other while I sleep.

3.) Keeping my Hair Moisturized at ALL Times- I know you see this tip constantly, but it's important. I even carry around a small jar of moisturizer just in case I need to moisturize during the day. I also deep condition weekly, baggy when needed and do the LOC or LCO method when moisturizing my hair.

If I do get tangles, I make sure I take my time to remove them(with my fingers). For the most part, the tangle is caused by shed hair so once I get that out, I'm good to go.


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  1. Great information! I have to say that never sleeping with loose hair is my biggest life/hair saver, it keeps my hair tangle free and my hair doesn't dry out as quickly. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thank you, Senecea! Yes, I got lazy a few times and slept with my hair loose and paid for it the next day.
      Thanks for stopping by!


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