Sunday, December 20

Gone for SO Long!!

I still can't believe I haven't posted since April 😮
I am so sorry for neglecting this blog and all of my lovely supporters! 
I still respond to emails and comments, but that clearly isn't enough.
2016 will be an amazing year and as I feel my passion for hair building up again, by the Grace of God I'll be back better than ever.
Stay tuned...

In the mean time, feel free to follow me on my new instagram or tumblr. I'm pretty active on both. 

Happy Holidays and talk to you soon! :-) 

Monday, April 13

I'm Still Here

Hey my lovely people!!! Long time, no see. How are you? I hope you all are doing fabulous!!!
I wanted to drop in and give an update on my hair. Although it's been FOREVER,  it will be brief since not much is going on with my hair.

  • My hair is doing well for the most part.
  • I trimmed it a few times since my last post, but I didn't trim much. Probably about 1 inch all around in total
  • I did a Henna and Indigo treatment, after not doing one since last March. My hair felt great afterwards
  • I have developed a dime sized bald spot(noticed it on 3.4.15) on my right temple area. This feels like Deja Vu. Looking back at my posts, I had the same issue this time last year. And looking back at pics, that area has always been a little thin. I have an appointment coming up with the Dr. But in the mean time, I have been applying a mix of Emu, Olive, Rosemary, Lavender and Castor oil with a teaspoon of MSM(sulfur powder) day and night. I  also recently purchased Onion Oil to see if that will help some. I will do a separate post on that soon.
  • I have also reduced the amount of puffs I wear and try to reduce tension around my hairline
  • I have ALSO increased my water intake and started working out again(it's been a while). Yes, I'm not going to lie it all started with the bald spot. I was trying to do any and everything to get it to grow back fast. But it's now a lifestyle change..hopefully.
  • I haven't straightened my hair in over 3 years. I may one day, just not sure when.
  • The back of my hair grows ridiculously faster than the rest of my hair and it's annoying. I just wish the rest of my hair would catch up. Luckily I have figured out ways to conceal it
  • I am officially 2 years natural and 3 yrs 5 months post relaxer
  • I still wear twists for at least 2-3 weeks out of a month
  • My shrinkage is crazy. Even in braidouts, my hair shrinks like 65%

On to the pics.

Experimenting with braid-outs