Wednesday, January 27

Write it Down and Make it Happen- 2016 Hair Goals

I decided to actually make hair goals for 2016 and track my progress.
I honestly feel like I haven't retained any length in the last two years. Maybe I have retained a little, but my growth isn't anywhere near I believe it should be at this point.
I know a lot of my retention issues stems from my lack of protective styling, being scissor happy and not taking care of my hair like I used to. So I think having some concrete goals and tracking my progress, will help me get to where I want and should to be.

2016 Hair Goals:

1.) Retain at LEAST 4 inches of hair all around and reach BSL

2.) Maintain a healthy hairline

3.) Long-term Protective Styles all year long(with 2 week breaks in between). So 6 Long-Term Styles

4.) Maintain thickness or gain some if possible

How I plan to achieve those goals:

1.) Depending on the state of my ends, dust ONLY. No 1-2 inch trims like the past. I will dust every 12-16 weeks. I will be sure to moisturize daily, deep condition and incorporate some mild protein treatments.

2.) I will be sure to be gentle with my hairline when braiding/twisting. Add little hair to large sections. Not pull  my hair back tightly. Oil/moisturize that area often

3.) I have the dates marked in my calendar. I also plan on searching for fun and creative styles to keep my excitement up and reduce the urge to take these out before 8 weeks.

4.) Be gentle with my hair. Finger comb or comb with a wide tooth comb. Keep an eye out for any increased shedding or breakage then nip it in the bud if I can.

I will also take progress pics every 4-6 months. I'm excited about this new hair journey I am embarking on. My first set are in my last post. I will also do an updated products/regimen post at one point.  

Wish me luck!!!

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  1. Good luck! You will definitely achieve that which your heart desires.

    1. Thank you so much!!! <3 I really appreciate the support!

  2. You have a fabulous plan chica! I know that you got this!

    KLP @


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