Monday, May 2

My Trip to Paris - 2016

Last week I got back from yet another amazing vacation. I went to #Paris, France and visited just about every tourist attraction you can think of. I also visited family/friends and did some serious shopping.
I'm still getting back to the hang of things, but wanted to share some pictures from the trip.
Let me just say that this protective style challenge came right in time. It is so much easier dealing with braids when traveling although I constantly miss my fro.

On to the pics:

Airport flow

Carrying the baguette like a true Parisian  

School nearby where I stayed.

The cars are so small!

Champs Elysees

When I thought I was close to the Eifel Tower

Nearby Notre Dame

I love my music!

Finally at the Eifel Tower.

On a boat ride taking pics

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  1. Lovely pics! Are those yarn braids?

    1. Thank you! Yes, they are yarn braids. More details on them are in my last post :-)


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