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Can You Trust It? - Sponsored Reviews and the Age of Influencers

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There is absolutely nothing wrong with a content creator being compensated for reviewing products. After all, they are introducing products to hundreds, sometimes millions, of potential customers. In my opinion, it's well deserved. But the real question is, can you trust the reviews?

Here are three tips that will help you decide:

1.) Only Positive Reviews 

I know there are some people out there that love everything, but a content creator shouldn't be one of them. If every single sponsored review is positive, with no negatives mentioned, there is a problem. We need to hear/read honest opinions. The good and the bad. Companies need to as well so they can improve their products. So if you're starting to realize a pattern from your favorite content creator then maybe you should double think buying products they review/promote

2.) They already have the results promised

Let me start off with an example. Okay, so I have white teeth, always have and God willing, always will. I review a teeth whitening system and my "results" look exactly like my normal white teeth. Then in my review, I boast about how great it is. Would that review really help you? In my opinion, No. We need to see the progression in order to understand if a product really works. If that is not given then there is a chance the product won't give the results you're looking for.

3.)  Detailed reviews aren't provided

If not much information is given on how a product was used, but the reviewer "Loves it", it's possible they never used it. This may seem obvious, but many people will run out and purchase a product just because they were told it's great. When spending your hard earned money, you should be given detailed information before doing so. Not all results speak for themselves.

Are you still not sure if you can trust it? Then research the product or service and read reviews from actual consumers/verified purchases. That will give you a good idea on whether to buy or not. 

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