Friday, June 30

My Braids Regimen to Maintain Healthy Hair

Protective Hair Style Products. African Pride Braid Spray, Carols Daughter Vanilla Oil and African Royal Braid Spray
African Pride Braid Spray, Carols Daughter Black Vanilla Oil, African Royal Braid Spray (can be purchased below) 

As many of you know, my hair is currently in Yarn Braids and it's been about 5 weeks since I installed them. They make my mornings much easier, but I still need to take care of them in order to maintain healthy hair.  Not only am I looking to minimize the amount of time spent doing my hair, but I also want to see some noticeable growth & retention.

Here is my current braids regimen:

Daily- Spritz my braids, from roots to where my real hair stops, with either African Royal Braid Spray or African Pride Braid spray

Weekly- Seal the moisture, from my daily spritzes, with Carols Daughter - Black Vanilla Oil

Bi-weekly- Wash(with diluted shampoo) and condition (with Trader Joe's Tea Tree tingle Conditioner). Air-dry- takes like ALL day

Nightly- Wrap braids with a satin scarf.

That's about it folks. Very simple and doesn't take up much of my time. This is why I LOVE protective styles.
How do you take care of your hair when they are in Protective Styles? 

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