Monday, January 8

Loc Journey: Starter Locs with Two Strand Twists- Week 1 Update

My go-to style

Hey Y'all! If you follow me on Instagram(hint hint), you would have seen that I redid my first set of locs. I know it may seem crazy that I did it already, but I have my reasons.

1.) They were way too small.

2.) 161 locs would be a lot for me to maintain and I am trying to make this journey "carefree"
3.) I would like to semi "freeform" at some point and that would be difficult with small locs
4.) I would like to palm roll and with the size of my last set, they would lock pop and drop(aka break off) if I did. So interlocking or latching would be my only options which I do NOT want to do.
5.) I do not want to combine any locs unless I really really HAVE to. With small locs, I would probably end up combining them sooner than later.

So, I now have 70 locs which I finished installing at 12 AM 1/7/2018. I love that number(70), but I am not too happy with how sparse they look. That's okay though, they WILL compact and plump up with time. I actually ran my head under water after twisting and they already plumped up.
I must say that I feel more confident maintaining my locs at this size, so I made the right decision.

Right after twisting. Because it was on dry hair, they look so thin

My next update will be in a month, but I may occasionally post pics on Instagram if you are interested!

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