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Loc Journey: Starter Locs with Two Strand Twists - Month 6 Update

Locs with 2 strand twists 6 months locs
6 Months Loc Comparison 

Hey Everyone! It's been a while since I did an update on my locs and I figured now is the perfect time.
I have been loc'd for 6 months now and it's been going pretty well.

Where do I start? Well first off, I do not retwist my locs at all. After washing them or throughout the weeks, I just separate them so they do not join together. I do not want the "neat" look and I want my hair to be as free as possible with minimal maintenance involved.

Some more tidbits about my locs: 

  • I have about 70 locs
  • The twist pattern is still visible in most of my locs
  • I only have about 5 locs that are formed and they are in the back of my hair 
  • Because I don't twist, no length is really showing yet
  • Any budding(locs forming) that I do have is in the roots of my locs. So the roots are firm, but the remainder of the loc is soft and looks like twists 
  • As the months pass, I am starting to love them more and more. 
  • Because I don't retwist, some of my locs are flat at the roots. I'm curious to see how this pans out
  • Surprisingly, the twists didn't really "swell much" so unless more budding happens, my locs may remain this size :-/
  • I let my locs free in the house, but when I go out, they are usually wrapped up or I wear a tam. 
My regimen is: 
  • Wash about once a week 
  • Spritz Daily with Distilled Water mixed with Rose Water, Castor Oil and Lemongrass Oil
  • ACV rinse about once a month
  • That's it!! So easy 

Here are a few pics from the last 6 months:

3 Months Loc'd 

4 months loc'd 

5.5 months loc'd 

almost 6 months loc'd

6 months loc'd 

Braid out at 6 months loc'd
Braid-out at 6 months loc'd 

I didn't take many (presentable) pics in the beginning, mainly because I typically my hair wrapped and I wasn't completely satisfied with how they looked. I do document my journey a little more on Instagram, so feel free to check me out there.

Until Next Time, Stay Blessed everyone!

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