Wednesday, May 5

Grapeseed Oil

So, the other day when I was in the Vitamin Shoppe, I stumbled on Grapeseed Oil. I originally went there to purchase some Avocado oil because I heard it's a good sunscreen for the hair, but the grapeseed was cheaper(hehe).Before I talk about how I feel about it, so far, let's look at what researchers say.

Grapeseed Oil is a preferred cosmetic ingredient for damaged and stressed tissues. It's regenerative and restructuring properties moisturize the skin and help maintain normal cell structure. It has emoilient properties that impart a rich, sily luster to skin while soothing skin irritation. This oil is suitable for all skin types and will not aggravate acne because of its mild astringent properties. Grape Seed Oil is an excellent base for lotions and is also useful for hair conditioning and styling. This 100% pure oil is also food grade and can be used as a solid or culinary oil.

I use this oil as a sealant. After I moisturize with my Shea Butter Mix, I apply this oil and my hair stays moisturized all day long. I might try this on my skin too. I'll let you know.

The bottle I purchased was 4 oz. and was about $5.00.
I just bought it on Friday, April as time passes by I will let you know more of what I think.

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