Wednesday, May 5

My Goal

Ok, so I would like to make APL (Arm Pit Length) by December.

I would also like to thicken up my hair. I will post my current regimen soon.

I am currently Shoulder Length and I think it's taking FOREVER to get where I want.

I actually hate this picture. My 4B hair looks so see-through and thin. I feel like the longer my hair gets the thinner it looks which makes me want to cut it all off and start from scratch.
I won't be posting any length pictures until September. I hope there is a drastic change and I see much more thickness.

This was taken April 3rd 2010, I believe, so this is the length I'm currently at.

I am 1 week post relaxer in this picture as well which could be one of the reasons it looks so thin. My hair always looks thin after a touch-up and after the first wash it thickens up.
My questions to those out there, what are you doing to thicken up your hair?


  1. i think your hair looks fabulous on april 3rd. do you know how thick you would like it to be?

  2. Thank you. Well, I suffered from crown breakage(the middle of my hair) which I think is one of the main reasons my hair looks thin. So once that grows out more and reached my collar bone, I will be satisfied.


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