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How I went from Neck Length to Shoulder Length

Here is a list of ways I went from Neck Length Hair to Shoulder Length. What works for me may not work for you, but feel free to take a look.
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Stretched Relaxers- Instead of getting a touch up every 8 weeks, I extended it to 12-14 weeks. This does not work for everyone, if you feel like you get more breakage from stretching, then don't do it. This is also a gradual process. If you usually relax every 6 weeks, try 8, if that works..then go for 10. The less chemical treatment, the better.

Moisturize- Because I was stretching my relaxers, I had to keep my new growth well moisturized. I was basically handling 2 very different textures of hair. My new growth, which is 4B(very curly and course) and my relaxed ends. I moisturized twice a day- roots and ends.

Using Large Tooth Comb- I ALWAYS comb my hair with a large tooth comb. Keep those small combs faaaar away from me

Silk Wrap- I always wrap my hair with a silk wrap, keeps the moisture in and hair in tact when sleeping

Deep Condition- I Deep Conditioned once a week back then

Shampoo- I only shampooed once every two weeks because the shampoo I was using in the past was very drying. I mostly conditioned(washed with conditioner) washed.

Protective Styling- This was a major thing for me. I needed to keep my hands off my hair. Because I was neck length, I didn't have to worry about my hair rubbing on my clothes, but I still wanted to keep it tucked away. My method was as followed..4 weeks after my relaxer.. I wore single braids for 4 weeks, let my hair breath for 2 weeks then did braids for 4 weeks again...then relaxed 2 weeks later.
 For those who wear their hair out everyday, dab a little serum, oil or moisturizer on your ends to help prevent split ends.

Minimize Heat- For those who prefer to get your hair done weekly or bi-weekly at the salon, stick to roller sets and roller sets only. The less heat the better. If you need to get that new-growth straight then you can ask to blow out the roots only making sure to use heat protectant. Keep the blow dryer and flat iron away from your ends!

Here's some more camera phone pics...my cord for my camera is coming soon! So better pics to come.

June 2009

October 2009 (curled under a little, but it's shoulder length)

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  1. Good post! How do you deep condition once a week?

  2. Thanks! If I don't shampoo my hair, I wash with conditioner. Either way, I always apply deep conditioner and let it sit for about an hour or two. I usually rotate between a moisturizing dc and a mild protein dc.

  3. How much do relaxers cost

  4. Price varies depending on what brand you're purchasing. They van be from 6-60 dollars.


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