Tuesday, May 11

Ugh, Breakage!

Does anyone have that one area on your head,that no matter what you do to your hair, it still breaks? It could be your edges, nape (back of hair) or even your crown(the middle). Well, I do. My crown is constantly breaking. It's been breaking on and off for about 3 years, well that's when I actually payed attention to it.
I always wondered why it kept happening. The rest of my hair was fine, just not the middle.
Although I managed to pin-point the issue and I'm now nursing that area back to health, I have a long way to go before it catches up with the rest of my hair. My goal is to grow my crown to shoulder length by December. This goal goes hand in hand with the thickness goal. Longer Crown = Thicker hair

Here's how I addressed the issue

Assess the situation: I realized my crown grows faster then the rest of my hair. So while I may have a quarter inch of new growth in the front and back of my hair, I have about a half inch in the crown. I also realized that my crown gets dry faster then the rest of my hair.

Treat the issue: I pay extra attention and baby the h*ll out of my crown*I moisturize that part first, before I touch the rest of hair*I moisturize it more then the rest of my hair* When I comb that part of my hair, I am extra careful not to pull my hair at all*Applyed extra deep conditioner to it when dc'ing.

Steps I need to take: I need to pay more attention to how my stylist relaxes that part of my hair. Because it's shorter than the rest of my hair, I feel like my stylist may be relaxing already relaxed hair. I either need to speak up and be more aggressive about that area of my hair or oil the ends like crazy before getting a touch-up.

If anyone has any pointers, let me know!
Also, if you have an area that constantly breaks, let me know and I will try to assist! :-)

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  1. My edges and nape is a hot mess. I might try some of the stuff you do cuz I usually don't pay any extra attention to it.


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