Monday, May 24

Oily Skin?

My skin get's a little oily during the warmer months. So, I invested in some blotting paper. I purchased this rice paper from Sally's and I absolutely love it. I get the translucent one and it adds this nice matte look to my face which lasts for hours
They go for about $5.00/40 sheets. It was a great investment for myself.

Here's a little more on the product:
      Palladio Rice Paper
  • A unique creation of papers made with rice instead of pulp to be much gentler for the skin
  • Powder-coated for continued oil control once surface oils are removed 
  • Eliminate shine and skin imperfections caused by excess oil buildup 
  •  Ideal for midday touchups

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  1. I have the rice powder version of this same brand, great product, it's awesome as a setting powder after you put makeup on! :)


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