Saturday, May 22

So Tired!

I braided my hair last night. I started around 6:30 P.M and finished at 3:30 AM!!! I took a few eating breaks here and there, but I pretty much braided straight through. I oiled every bit of my scalp and put moisturizer on the roots and ends,actually pretty much on the whole length of my hair. I rinsed the hair with vinegar & water and let it sit the night before. So far, no itchy scalp and this is when it usually begins! I usually do my braids smaller, but decided to go with larger ones this time around. I think I just wanted to get it over with. Anyway, here are a few pics. Better ones to come.


  1. The braids look really nice. How long are you leaving them in?

  2. Thanks, GJ. Not my best work, kind of rushed through it.
    But I think I may keep them in for 6 weeks and rebraid the front in 3 weeks. I usually take them out after a month though.

  3. Beautiful! I wish I could do that myself. I just paid a fortune for braids like that.

    1. Thank you! I bet you could do them yourself. There are a bunch of tutorials on YT that can help you.


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