Saturday, June 26

Braids Pics

So, I finished putting the braids in today around 10:30AM. I started last night around 7pm and stopped at 12:30AM...took a nap...woke up at 5 and finished the rest.
I tried a different color then my usual jet black which it will take me a while to get used to. Not really feelin it, but I told myself I will keep them in for 6 I HAVE TO!
I always braid with Kanekalon hair just because it's easier for me and they usually end at my brastrap..

here are some pics....

Here's a pic of some of my hair. This is unstraightened of course. My real length check will be in September


  1. I like the color on you! Why don't you like it?

  2. Thanks, Love. It's actually starting to grow on me..haha..I just love jet black hair.


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